Sybil Ehrensberger

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Traveler

Sybil Ehrensberger

In Morocco, November 2016

Who am I?

Software Engineer: I am a software engineer with a preference for web development. I have designed and maintained several different websites, contributed to open source projects, and developed a couple of smaller web applications for my personal use (see projects). For three years I worked part-time as a security engineer developing tools for the security team at SWITCH. Since May 2017, I am a software engineer at Ergon Informatik AG.

Co-Founder and CTO: To keep track of my various trips and to be able to share them with my friends and family, I co-founded a company to develop a travel app and website, ViaMondo. The app officially launched in December 2016 and the website went live in early 2017.

Traveler: Whenever my budget and work obligations allow it, I follow my biggest passion, traveling. I have had the opportunity to live in three different countries and have visited more than 30 others. I never leave on a trip without my camera and love combining my trips with scuba diving.