Sybil Ehrensberger

Software engineer and traveler


My biggest passion is traveling. I love the excitement of new places, different cultures and the subtleties of everyday life in a new country. As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in other countries and other cultures. One of my life goals is to visit every country in the world. What attracts me is the change, the challenge of adjusting to a new environment and the unpredictability. There is always something new you can discover, whether it is a new place, new people or new food.

In the past couple of years I have discovered my love for photography. While I have learned how to develop film and print my own pictures in the darkroom, I prefer to shoot pictures with my dSLR, a Canon EOS 600D. Most of my pictures are showcased on this website or on my Flickr. Traveling gives me a great opportunity to take pictures of some truly amazing places.

Travel reports and pictures of some selected trips

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Oman 2016


My first trip to the Middle East was to Oman. Not only did I get to explore underwater world of the Arabian Sea, but I also experienced the desert for the first time and got to learn a lot about the Omani culture from our local guide.

Canada 2015

Halifax Harbour

A month-long trip to Canada visiting friends and family. I spent time in Toronto, Halifax, Winnipeg and Montréal.

Gran Canaria 2015

Gran Canaria

Trip to the Canary Islands for scuba diving and site seeing.

Barcelona 2014

Roof of Palau Güell

Yet again I took advantage of my mother's conferences and tagged along to Barcelona. While she was listening to talks and giving presentations, I explored the city and admired Gaudí's interesting buildings.

Italy 2014

Seven churches in Bologna

After the semester ended and my last project was handed in, I visited a friend of mine in her home town of Bologna. We want on short day trips to the surrounding area.

Côte d'Azur 2014

Coast in Antibes

While a friend from Canada was visiting my in Switzerland, we went on a short 4-day trip to the French Riviera. In addition to enjoying the great weather and the lovely stone beaches in Nice, we also visited Monaco and Antibes.

Paris 2014

Eiffel Tower at dusk

I joined my mother in Paris at the end of her conference for a short weekend-trip.

Portugal 2014

View of Lisbon

In between my exams, I decided to go on a short trip to the warmer Portugal. I explored Lisbon and also visited the nearby town of Sintra. In addition, I made an effort to visit the most Western point of Europe, Cabo da Roca.

Europe-Trip 2013

On top of the Oslo opera house

In the summer of 2013, Leigh Murdoch and I traveled through Europe by train. We started in Istanbul (Turkey) and then made our way all the way up north to Norway before returning to Switzerland via the Netherlands and Belgium.

Tobermory 2013

Cyprus Lake near Tobermory

In May 2013 a couple of friends and I decided to go camping and scuba diving in the Bruce Peninsula. Despite the cold weather we had a great time and enjoyed the outdoors.

California 2013

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

In February 2013, during my reading week, I decided to go visit my friend, Claire Choe in California. We spent three days in Los Angeles and then Claire showed me San Francisco for the rest of the week.

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